Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Only 4 Sleeps to Go

My youngest has a special board in his room where he can chalk in the number next to "sleeps to Christmas" so he is the family authority on how many to go.  He reliably informs me it is down to 4 and in his words "I don't know where the time goes it went really quickly, much quicker than last year" - LOL.  Tell me about it kid!

I have been frantically wrapping gifts for lots of you lovely ladies and have a brilliant system which means my kitchen looks like Santa's Workshop for most of the day!  I have two lovely husbands collecting gifts today and I (hopefully) have the last parcel arriving today so that I can get that person's gifts wrapped for her hubby to collect, maybe today too if the delivery is here early enough.

Managed to get to the supermarket yesterday with two boys in tow, through the weather.   My car would not start (hopefully it is due to cold and diesel -14 last night), so took DH car, good old German technology.   Mine is French, say no more LOL.

So I have supplies only need some fresh veg, my Goose if we can get to it and, unfortunately coffee, tea and hot chocolate all of which I am running out of ? Best laid plans etc.

By the time I left Asda it was snowing quite heavily again and cars were queing to get into the car park so we dodged the bullet.  I even missed going to Starbucks as it was looking so busy - sooo not like me.

When all the wrapping is done I am really looking forward to getting to play with the sale-a-bration stamps I already have.   I am so excited about Sale-a-bration.  I have loads of things on my wish list which will quickly earn me some great new sets.   Watch this space.

Well hope you are all ready for the big day.  I will post my new creations when I can.

I really wish I had taken a picture of all the gifts I wrapped there was quite a pile at one point.



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