Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hope You Are Enjoying The Snow

I hope you are all able to enjoy the snow and that it hasn't spoiled any of your plans or caused problems.  For those of you that have had problems I hope you are sorted soon x x

Luckily we are all home for the holidays now and decided not to go to Swansea after all due to the weather.  Better safe than Sorry.   Had a lovely walk to Coate Water early today so almost nobody there but our trusty cafe man who was ready with a smile, choccy and hot drinks YAY!

Not sure what we are going to have for tea tonight as not able to get to Take Away and as we were supposed to be away only have the basics - Ready, Steady Cook LOL.

I am so grateful we have a lovely warm  home, we are all together and I have no jobs to do this weekend with the school holidays and the marathon clean/wrapping/stamping session I had on Friday.

Be Warm, Well and Happy



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