Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hi All Done

Well I have finally finished my first lot of swaps and it was much more of a time consumer than I imagined.  I now have 24 swaps which I am very happy with but which will go very quickly.   It seems that I will have to start again and make some really quick and simple swaps to give to the bulk of people and save the really nice ones for people I want to impress - yes I am that shallow LOL   I will have loads of people asking me now which one they got but I am not telling.   I will post both on line and you can judge for yourself xxx

Busy at half term so sorry for lack of posts.  Nothing big planned just hanging out with my Dad and the boys and their Dad tomorrow.  Usual stuff still needs doing (they insist on being fed etc this lot, not on).  

Went to see Dispicable Me today, was not that optimistic but found it quite funny in places and the 3D was good to show Grandad who last went to the cinema to see Titanic!

Lots of love and will try to post a project soon.


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