Monday, September 6, 2010


Had a great weekend. My friend Alexandra and I went for a Stampin' Up! workshop in Crawley. Had a brilliant time.  Will show you some of what we made later.   We did four classes, a make and take and had raffles and a quiz (none of which I won ) :(

The whole thing finished at 10 and so we stayed at a local hotel.   At breakfast a few of us decided to go to a local craft shop which had demonstrations etc on.  It was a massive shop and had some very very nice stuff there - I spent £1.49 - HONESTLY!  How good am I?

When we left we made our way home trying to decide where to have lunch and eventually decided on the Oracle Centre in Reading.   As everywhere was busy we ended up at Jamie's Italian.  We had a really good lunch and quite unexpected.  I was totally not dressed for a shopping centre let alone lunch out but it was a lovely casual restaurant so it was meant to be.

Came home fed and happy.

Hope you had as good a weekend as we did.


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