Saturday, September 25, 2010


At last I have designed and made my swap for convention - all I have to do is make another 50 or so... hope it goes down well.  I had an idea what I wanted that it should be simple, not use too many resources and have a couple of techniques in it (and absolutely NO cutting out!).  With a little inspiration from someone who had an idea along the same lines I think I have cracked it.  I will show it to you after convention as I want it to be a surprise to those I give it to.

Good day today, stroll, lunch, long way home stroll and then made some lovely muffins which I forgot to photograph before we completely demolished them... I must get on that diet soon...

Had some great news from an e-mail yesterday and will explain all when the time comes, but all good at the moment.  Will upload some of the lovely cards we made for christmas at our class in Crawley later.

Have a good weekend.


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