Saturday, September 18, 2010

Good Day

Had dreaded today for reasons I won't go into but turned out ok. My eldest had a great time sailing with the cubs and I spent a lot of time at the lakeside with friends/mums just relaxing and enjoying the nice weather. We even had a little impromptu Birthday party!

Took youngest to the library and he has had his head stuck in one of the books he borrowed most of the afternoon. Easily pleased.

Just got a text I was waiting for ages so not too shabby a day.

Hope you had a good day too. And welcome welsh lady KSH to my blog you know who you are x x x

Life is a bit scary right now but in a very good way and it certainly helps you feel alive.

Oh and my most important news the new catalogues arrive with me on Tuesday so if you are one of the lucky ladies who get a free one you will see it soon drool drool :)

If you want a free catalogue just book a date for your first party with me! Or you can just purchase one. Let me know

Sweet dreams


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