Sunday, November 7, 2010


I am home from convention and to be honest am typing this in bed as I had a fantastic experience and am having a nice rest today to recover.   When I get round to charging up my phone I will post some photos here, although the light was not brilliant in the marquee as you can see below.

We had a very elegant awards dinner and we all looked amazing, the meal was lovely and the company as always great.

Saturday we had some brilliant make and takes (which I will post later,) and some excellent motivational and training presentations.   We also got another free set of stamps so that made 3 YAY!!!!!!!! The room was electric as they announced the new promotion to us exclusively in the whole world and I cannot wait to show you the new products and free offers we will be getting in January, yes I have to wait until January to show you but believe me it is worth the wait.

So to everyone I swapped with THANK YOU it was brilliant to meet all you new contacts.  To all the wonderful ladies who I already know and already miss huge hugs and kisses.   I didn't get a chance to say good-buy to a lot of you so sorry for that.  Hope you all got home easily and those of you travelling home today likewise.   I huge hello to my new French and German friends I look forward to looking at your blogs in the future.

Well, as you all know us women are not allowed much time to ourselves so it is time to move - I could stay in bed all day to be honest.   My fantastic husband has kept the house perfectly and even did two loads of washing while I was away and spent yesterday in town with the boys Christmas shopping for my surprises (my 8 year old is busting to tell me LOL)

Posting later with pics xxx

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