Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Visas Are Through

It is official, we are moving to Canada and we are sooo excited that the wait is finally over.   Thanks to everyone who has put up with my moaning and sighing during the long long wait.

Don't worry I am still available here to take orders for the next month and then I will had you over to my very capable downline who I am sure will look after you very very well.   I will still be posting and stamping as much as I can before most of my stash goes into storage for the move and then I will be back showcasing some of my new creations from over the pond.  Keep stampin and if you have any orders I may well have a virtual party in the next week or so if I have time.

If anyone is interested in buying some of my used stamp sets (and some not used promotional goods) I will be selling them them next month in an open table top sale at my house.  If you are interested please e-mai me so I have an idea of numbers and if it is worth doing.  Thanks.


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  1. Hi Rita, I just left a message on SCS for you and then popped over to see your this picture taken at Deep Cove in North Vancouver? LOL! If it is, it's the same picture I have in the background of my picture on SCS! Good luck with your move!!

    Hope to meet you when you get here!
    Hugs ~ Judy